The DT Swiss truing stand is the ultimate stand used by professionals. It is made of precision machined, polished and anodized aluminium with hardened steel guides and mounts.

  • High-end quality and easy handling
  • Quicker wheel building
  • Compatible with all current bicycle wheels (12" – 29") with quick release or thru axle
  • Three precision multilink arms providing a wide range of contact points
  • Playfree precision gauges to measure lateral and vertical dish
  • extremely stiff and solid clamping
  • Wheel can be trued with tires
  • Can be installed on a table or clamped into a vice
  • Upgrades: Analog gauges including measuring insert with ball, special measuring inserts with rounded washers or ball bearing steel roll, truing adapters for all axle configurations


The tensiometer is a high-precision tool to measure spoke tensions. Developed by DT Swiss and 100 % Swiss made, it is used to precisely measure the spoke tension step by step during the wheel building process.

The digital tensiometer is equipped with a digital gauge, allowing fast and easy reading of measurements. Using its Opto-RS232 data output device, the measured values can be transmitted directly to a PC or printer via connecting cable.

The DT Swiss tensiometer is a necessity for any professional wheel builder. Can be used with all spoke types including flat spokes. Includes case.


  • Fits all DT Swiss suspension forks and shocks 20bar/300PSI max. pressure
  • Minimal packing size thanks to removable gauge and foldable hose
  • Anti air-loss coupler for precise set-ups (no air loss when removing pump from valve)
  • Suitable for right- and left-handed people
  • Air bleeder for fine tuning
  • Rubber padded gauge housing

DT 辐条帽板手

The matching nipple wrench for DT Swiss nipples with
an internal drive. Available for DT Swiss nipples with
hexagonal (blue handle), torx (black handle) or
square (red handle) heads.

– Less hand force needed
– Facilitates work with bladed spokes
– Developed by DT Swiss
– Also suitable for high profile rims (max. 100 mm)


Professional tool for a precise fit onto the nipple.

DT aerolite / new aero扁辐条固定器

This spoke holder effectively eliminates spoke twist when truing or building wheels with bladed spokes (e.g. DT aerolite). Thanks to its design the spoke can be held close to the nipple, which eliminates twisting. Compatible with all DT Swiss nipple wrenches.


Nipple wrench for DT Swiss torx and square nipples as well as for holding bladed spokes.


Makes screwing the nipple onto the spoke quicker and easier.


Facilitates the insertion of nipples into deep section rims.


Punch with concave head, fitting DT Swiss spoke heads. Improves seating of the spoke head in the hub flange.


For measuring spoke lengths and diameters.


Allows for precise spoke length calculation. Works when using rims with an ERD from 390 to 630 mm, low- and high-flanged hubs (24 to 48 holes), radial to 4-cross lacing patterns. Precision ± 0.5 mm, Size 70 x 52 cm. Also check out our free program «spokes calc» on – an easy and fast way to calculate your spoke lengths.


Several service and maintenance tool kits are available for DT Swiss products.